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In Africa, some countries made up their minds long ago to open their doors to tourists. Such is the case of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. From the souks of Marrakesh to the Great Pyramids, all three countries can lay claim to remarkable cultures, inherited from ancient kingdoms. Sub-Saharan Africa can make similar claims. Senegal, Cameroon and Gabon offer wonderful natural landscapes and splendid tropical coasts. In South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, comfortable lodges and estates offer the opportunity to discover wonderful African wildlife.

Top Ten Things to Do in Africa

There’s so much to see and do in Africa that it’s hard to narrow down your choices.

Spot Whales in South Africa

There are over 35 species of whale and dolphin off the southern coast of Africa. The area is famous as a calving region for Right and Humpback Whales. The area is also home to large populations of dolphins and many other species. There are a number of whale watching operators that offer trips to see these magnificent creatures, which are best seen from July to November.

Explore the Rainforest

To get a taste of the other Africa, discover one of Madagascar’s many national parks. Here you can find lush rainforests full of lemurs, sifakas and chameleons. You can also find an abundance of Baobab Trees, the interesting, upside-down looking national tree of Madagascar.

Raft the Zambezi

The Zambezi River is frequently rated one of the top white water rafting rivers in the world. Put in at the base of the colossal Victoria Falls, amid churning waters created by the 350 foot waterfall. Raft through intense class five rapids and drift down stretches of calm water, while scenic gorges surround you and crocodiles lurk below.

Meet the Maasai

The well known African tribes of the Maasai are an incredible and resilient people. They have managed to keep their traditions throughout the spread of western influences. They still dress in traditional garb, rich in colour and accented with jewellery. Unfortunately, much of what tourists see in a “traditional” Maasai village is staged, but there are ways to meet authentic Maasai people, and the effort is well worth the unique cultural experience.

Soak up the Sun on Zanzibar

There are many gorgeous beaches in Africa, and those on Zanzibar are no exception. Sparkling white sand beaches, flourishing palm trees and idyllic sapphire seas, all topped with the rich culture of the Spice Islands. You can spend all day soaking up the sun and by night get lost in the mysterious Stone Town or mingle with people of a rich culture of Arabic and Swahili. Only a hop, skip and a jump from mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is the ideal beach getaway.

Wander the Marrakesh Bazaar

This bustling Moroccan marketplace is full of spectacle and intrigue. An exotic congregation of street vendors, acrobats and snake charmers, it captivates and excites the senses. Spend some time getting lost in the marketplace and finding colourful and electrifying bargains.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Imagine the feeling of achievement you would have upon scaling Africa’s tallest peak, the gem of Tanzania. Actually, climbing Kilimanjaro is not the epic feat you would assume of the tallest mountain in Africa, in fact, it is relatively easily accessible. Described as more of a hike than a climb, it requires no mountaineering skills and you need only be reasonably fit to reach the summit. However it is still a difficult trek, and 40% of people who set out turn back before they reach the top. Alternatively, you could climb Kilimanjaro’s smaller neighbour, Mt. Meru, or Mount Kenya to the north.

Dive Mozambique

Mozambique is home to some fantastic diving. With conditions comparable to the Caribbean, but not nearly as crowded, it is one of Africa’s best diving locations. Here you will be able to spot some of the ocean’s largest and most impressive fish, like manta rays and whale sharks.

Cruise the Nile

A popular tourist attraction is floating the Nile in a felucca. These boats carry tourists from Aswan to Luxor and stop at the major sights along the way. You’ll get an incredible view of ancient temples and rural villages while drifting along the longest river in the world. This scenic cruise will show you the breathtaking River Nile and archaeological wonders of Ancient Egypt.

Go on Safari

No trip to Africa would be complete without a search for the big five on the most famous African expedition. For many, a safari characterizes Africa, the endless plains and abundant wildlife. Safaris can be a few hours to several weeks, in a four wheel drive or on foot. No matter how you do it, it is sure to be an exhilarating and impressive experience.

South Africa Safari by Petra Secanska
South Africa Safari by Petra Secanska
Lion Park in South Africa by Petra Secanska
Lion Park in South Africa by Petra Secanska
Crocodile in South Africa by Petra Secanska
Mandela Square in Sandton City by Petra Secanska


  • Mozambique
  • South Africa
  • Uganda

What are the best things to do on vacation in Africa? From going on safari, trekking, or lazing on the beach, there are many great activities on offer in Africa. Find out about culinary tours, volunteering, backpacking, extreme adventure, and more when traveling to Africa. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you travel responsibly.

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