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The Observatory by Petra Secanska
Big Cold Valley by Petra Secanska
Mengusovska valley by Petra Secanska
Rohace - West Tatras by Petra Secanska
Rohace - West Tatras by Petra Secanska
Rohace - West Tatras by Petra Secanska
Rohace - West Tatras by Petra Secanska

The High Tatras

There's a tiny gondola cable car to take you to the top that for years was the longest single stretch of unsupported cable between two points. The gondola takes just 13 passengers and is particularly eery in low visibility with clouds swirling all around. On a clear day, though, you get the sense of flying through the open air between the mountains. Once at the peak, the Observatory has a bijou, cockle-warming café-bar where Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is served alongside organ-warming shots of local Hruskavica pear brandy. You'll need something for venturing out onto the snow walkways, some of which jut out over sheer drops of thousands of feet to the valley floor. From here, it's possible to see four countries: Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

The West Tatras

Rohace are often and justly praised as the most beautiful part of the West Tatras. A crown of wonderful peaks dominated by the majestic Baníkov Mt. surrounds the extensive Roháčska dolina valley. In turn, the Ostrý Roháč and Volovec Mts. are the princes of the Roháče Mts. They form an indivisible couple of slender rock mountains in the principal ridge and look like two devils horns, expressed by their names (Ostrý Roháč means a sharp horn and Volovec means an ox).

The Low Tatras

National Park Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) lies in the north of Slovakia, below its bigger brother High Tatras, sprawling between the valleys of rivers Vah from the north and Hron from the south. It features dense untouched forests, breathtaking views, brisk waterfalls, lifeful fauna.

Many tourists and mountaineers are drawn to Low Tatras for interesting hikes, challenging sport adventures and grandiose view at the peaks of High Tatras mountains and valleys down below.